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 Mario Party 4 Gamecube ISO

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MesajKonu: Mario Party 4 Gamecube ISO   Mario Party 4 Gamecube ISO Icon_minitimeC.tesi Şub. 27, 2010 1:14 am

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Mario Party 4 Gamecube ISO | 1.36 GB
Since its inception, the Mario Party series has consistently delivered
enjoyable multiplayer party game action. While there have been many
imitators attempting to cash in on the success of the Mario Party games,
none have been able to fully emulate the series' balance of good
pacing, endearing minigames, and solid production values. As the first
entry in the series to appear on the GameCube, Mario Party 4 may
represent a big graphical leap for the series, but the gameplay remains
much the same. It's definitely a winning formula, but players who have
already exhausted themselves on previous Mario Party titles may not find
enough here to draw them back again.
Mario's throwing another party. And you're invited.
As in the past three Mario Party games, Mario Party 4 is a
minigame-based virtual board game with a strong multiplayer tilt.
Instead of having a physical end goal to each board, the goal in Mario
Party 4 is to travel around the board, collecting as many stars and
coins as you can in the allotted number of turns. The number of turns in
a single game is determined at the start of the game and ranges from 10
turns to 50. For some perspective, a standard 20-round game of Mario
Party 4 will last about an hour. Players move from space to space across
the board using dice rolls to determine how many spaces they'll move,
and each space on the board has some impact on the game. Coins, stars,
and other items are awarded and taken away, players are randomly moved
to other sections of the board, and players are thrown into special
minigames. At the end of each round, all four players will compete in a
minigame, and the winner of this minigame is rewarded with coins. Once
there are only five rounds left in the game, even more random factors
are thrown in, some of which are so phenomenally powerful that a player
in last place could potentially find his or her way into in first with
nothing more than a little luck. Random chance plays a big role in Mario
Party 4, which keeps everyone on their toes, but may occasionally prove
frustrating, as it's possible for a player to perform spectacularly in
the minigames and still not win the game.

And what would a party game be without enjoyable minigames? Probably
rather boring, but thankfully Hudson has brought together a fun
collection of diversions for Mario Party 4. The biggest strengths of the
minigames are their accessibility and broad scope. Virtually all your
core gaming skills will be put through the paces here, but very few of
the minigames are too complex for a new player to fully comprehend the
first time out. There are four-player minigames in which you'll have to
dodge snowballs, outrun an avalanche, or race along a dangerously narrow
path. There are also lots of three-on-one and two-on two minigames that
require players to work as a team. You'll deflate giant thwomps with
butt-stomps, score goals in a soccer shootout, and capture opponents
using a giant crane. There are around 50 different minigames at your
disposal in the party and story modes, which isn't nearly as many as
have been found in past installments in the series. Though, really, this
is probably a good thing, as it seems many of the less-than-stellar
minigames and carbon-copy minigames have been stripped out, leaving you
with a smaller but more enjoyable selection of games.

System Requirements:
* Operating System : Windows XP /sp2 /SP3 / Vista SP1
* Processor : 1 GHz Processor
* RAM : 256 MB Available System Memory
* Video Card : 32MB DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D Video Card

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Mario Party 4 Gamecube ISO
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